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Stainless steel is a unique material.


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Stainless steel is a unique material. Like titanium, it won't corrode over time, but where it rises above Ti, is in a ride quality that feels solid, crisp and glued to the road. That's why the Snob comes to life on technical, twisty terrain, fire roads, challenging terrain and any time comfort and sheer traction are needed over raw stiffness. Ritte designed the Snob to be a balance between tradition and contemporary thinking. It's compact geometry, oversize tubes, tapered headtube and seat mast makes the Snob as fresh and modern as the latest carbon bikes, but with the feel and soul of a master-made steel frame that is comfortable for all-day rides.

The Snob comes in seven standard sizes from 52-58, so chances are there’s one that will fit you great. It’s also available in limited quantities is the “R-Fit” geometry, which features a 2cm shorter head tube per size.


• PF30 Bottom Bracket
• 44mm ID (inside diameter) head tube for press-in style headset with tapered fork.
• replaceable derailleur hanger
• External routing. Not drilled for Di2
• Tig welded main tubes, brazed brake bridge and rear dropouts.
• integrated seat clamp
• 27.2mm seat post (not included)